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Apocalypse Now

Reading for the modern era

What our obsession with the end of the world says about us

Rules for any apocalypse

From hot zone to fake news 

Cinematic Scribblins’

Film critiques, genre retrospectives, film theory essays, and good ol’ fashioned listicles

Dark: Chamber Films of the Horror Genre

Defining a new subgenre of horror cinema.

Dark: Chamber Films of the Horror Genre — Part 2

Defining a new subgenre of horror cinema — part two.

The Top 10 Best Contagion Films

Movies that will make you itch

The Sublime Sweetness of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”

What we can learn from the TV musical that isn’t one

The Best ’90s Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

Nostalgia central

The Best Science Fiction Films You’ve Never Heard Of

Non-superhero, non-mutaant science fiction flicks you’ll love

Pop Cultural Histories

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A Pop Cultural History of Alaska

Igloos and polar bears and snowshoes, oh my!

A Pop Cultural History of the Amazon

Remembering the rainforest

A Pop Cultural History of Bigfoot

Our favorite furry cousin in pop culture

A Pop Cultural History of Africa

I bless the rains…