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My passion for writing meets my desire to pursue a greater truth as I explore hidden stories and marginalized people.

reported essays

I’m a geek at heart, and I can tell any scientist’s story … and provide well-researched depth to any topic.

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You’ve got great ideas. I’ve got great words. As a connoisseur of writing styles, I translate my clients’ stories into powerful prose.


Never miss a beat with my expertise at your back.

About Me

An eclectic blend of dreamer and scientist

I have been writing since I could hold a pen, back when my crowning achievement was spelling “Tyrannosaurus.” Animals and natural history continue to capture my imagination, although I primarily focus on our own fascinating series. I now spend my days working on my carpal tunnel syndrome by writing about science, technology and futurism, media and culture, social issues, and health. A storyteller at heart, I find the best words for the given audience, whether it’s mine or a client’s.

anthropologisT by day, writer by (sometimes very late) night

My Work

I specialize in nonfiction writing of all types, including history/science articles, SEO content, reported essays, film/TV critiques, and news stories. My core philosophy, wrought in experiences such as my ethnographic training, nonprofit storytelling conferences, and marketing, is that every topic has a riveting story as its beating heart. As a writer, my role is to illuminate that.

reported essays

The news is full of sterile accounts, while academic writing is notoriously dry. In my reported essays, I combine ethnographic and survey data with deep analysis and personal reflection. 

media criticism

When I’m not obsessively unpacking movie symbolism, binging Buffy yet again, or rocking out to Muse, I analyze cinema, TV, music, and literature in thoughtful, thematic critiques.

social health articles

As an advocate for mental wellness, gender, ethnic, class, and intellectual equity, and cutting through the BS, I aim to provoke thought and promote social change through fact-driven, interdisciplinary articles about media, society, health, and where they all meet.

cultural histories

Anthropology is ultimately about exploring how humans have shaped our world — and why we do the things we do. I blend my love of ethnography with the history of art, technology, and ideas to craft cultural histories of various fascinating topics.

Need a right-hand writer?

Or left-hand … I’m an equal-opportunity writer! Whatever your writing needs are, I pursue every project with the same passion, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence.

content writing

Whether you need engaging content for your marketing strategy or blogs about marketing itself, I’ve got you covered.

science writing

From epidemiology and public health to astrophysics and chemistry to anthropology and sociology, I leverage my unnaturally broad curiosity to explain the hard-to-explain.


Need to give a speech? Can’t find the words? Let me help with my background in public speaking and theatre.


Let’s face it: writing is tough. With research skills honed in grad school and a great sense of your style, I help you prove your expertise with well-written articles. 


Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my clients say:

Rachel is extremely skilled. One milestone turned into two because of her high level of care to my product. I enjoyed working with her and will work with her again. I highly recommend Rachel for all your writing needs.

Corye Douglas

Secore Finanz Inc

Excellent work done by Rachel! The text quality was far over than I expected. Rachel perfectly understands the task needs and provide an apropriate tone of voice. Will definitely work with her again!

Vladimir Kozhedub

Potent Organics

Rachel was a pleasure to work with. She did a great job capturing our brand voice and incorporating our product objectives in the blog articles she delivered, with only minimal time to research and absorb our brand guide. Definitely recommend her!

Elsbeth Russell



I love weaving words for wonderful things. 

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